Practical Steps to Self-Improvement



Traders lose because they have not developed winning attitudes that winners exhibit in the market.

Purpose and Habits is a compendium of practical steps that will prepare you to succeed in the marketplace. It will help you find the pathway to actualize your dream of succeeding in life.


Most traders who win consistently in the marketplace have something in common: they have developed a supreme sense of self-esteem.

They have overcome fear: they know what to do the moment it needs to be done and they do it without hesitation. They have acquired self-trust and self-confidence. Ultimately, they succeed because they have developed habits that breed success.

This FREE ebook was written to help you develop self-confidence to confront those psychological issues that the vast majority of losers possess.

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You will find in this FREE ebook 23 simple ways to achieve success.

It will prepare you for the journey to success.