How I made $50,000 trading FOREX

Trading FOREX like a pro

How I made $50,000 trading FOREX

I have been trading FOREX for the past 15 years and I will be sharing with you what I personally think you need to become a successful FOREX trader. The irony of this business is that trading FOREX looks deceptively simple on the surface but in reality, it is the most challenging endeavor you can pursue. Success in the market seems so close and yet elusive.

This is the frustration most traders face because of their upbringing and the way their mind has been structured to think. Those who win and those who lose think differently. The market does not care about you neither does it hate you

The market moves in trends and sometimes it staggers sideways. You need to understand how the FOREX market works if you will be amongst the league of the winning minority.

Maybe trading FOREX is not for you

I won $50,000 trading forex because I acknowledged that the market is imperfect and always changing. It is in constant motion. These characteristics are like a two-edged sword; it comes with unlimited potential for profits as well as losses.

You will never be right or correct all the time but with patience, the right strategy, tactics and most importantly the psychological frame of mind, you can beat the market. Over the last 15 years of trading FOREX, I have found out that this business is not for perfectionists.

Trading FOREX is not a perfect business. Many irrational and unthinkable things happen. A trader can be rewarded instantly with a windfall profit and this happens because he made one simple right decision at the right moment.

How I made $50,000

Every trader dreams of making a profit in the market. Unfortunately, many are called but very few are chosen who accomplish this seemingly impossible dream. As one who has done it before and repeatedly doing it, I’d tell you how I accomplished it.

When I teach people the secrets of winning big in the market, I emphasize certain factors. These factors include:

  1. Open-mindedness
  2. Emotional control
  3. Perseverance

These three factors are psychological in nature.

Winning in the market is in the mind not in your computer or indicators or trading system. To beat the market, your mind needs to be attuned to the market. A great trading system is fine but if you lack the open-mindedness to switch direction when the weight of evidence says so, you will lose money.

You will lose money if you do not have the emotional control required so as not to trade large positions or chase the market when it has already started moving. You will be among the losing majority if you do not have the perseverance to let your profits run.

Luck in trading FOREX, how true?

Trading FOREX is like every other business. I imbibed the ability to stay focused and was ready and willing to do what needs to be done the moment it needs to be done.

Can you put in the time needed to get a task completed? What about avoiding distractions while handling basic facts? Are you disciplined enough to follow your strategy?

This is what I mean. Luck is not the reason.

If you answered yes to the questions above then you probably can handle trading FOREX.

In the final analysis, trading is like hunting. When you find your game firstly, you take a good position secondly, you aim and finally you pull the trigger. This is a process. This is how I made $50,000 in the market.

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Written by:

Charles Onwugbene, a Currency Trader with

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