The sole aim of the course is to give you a deep understanding of how the currency market works.

The course will reveal to you the trading tools that will give you an edge in the marketplace.

After the course, you will be able to define the well-established trend in each currency pair. You will be able to detect the speed of the trend and then apply a timing tool for entry and exit in the market place.


This is a challenging question and finding the answer can be daunting.

It does not matter how long you have been trading, what really matters is understanding the currency market, keep a trading diary and follow your well-defined plan. There are many paths to find success in the currency markets, not just the ones we teach you.

Many people have found success by following a well-defined plan. Once you have developed a trading plan, it now comes down to timing as to when to enter, how to exit your trades and how to protect yourself from losses.

Following these pattern of events is a more reliable way of not only making money but also the preservation of your money. Not having a well-defined plan for entering and exiting the market is a recipe for disaster.

We are about to teach you what took us 15 years to get good at.

Let the journey begin.


The Scope of the course is as follows:

  1. Understanding the Basics of the Currency market.
  2. Learning Money Mangement (Preservation of capital).
  3. Understanding yourself and how successful traders think.
  4. How to find good trades.
  5. Learning the timing tools used to enter and exit the markets.

How to trade the currency market

Trading currencies can be compared to building a house. You first need a foundation to build your super-structure; the foundation of trading success comes from understanding the currency market. At, we always begin with the basics and then we make progress.

See you in class.